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eCommerce Merchandising

The Keys to Success

1.Control YOUR brand – Registration and Management of Trademarks

2.Create, Update and manage A+ content

3.Manage Amazon/Wal-Mart ETAL; Order and Inventory Flow; Pick/Pack

4.Automated Pricing Controls

5.Pointed advertising spending

6.Master one platform, then move on to another


What do we do?

Step 1 – Analyze and Recommend

1.Review your SKU listing and the online market for those categories

2.Recommend items that are a good candidate for Third Party Fulfillment and pricing aka Amazon FBA (AOV, Margin etc)

3.Recommend items that are a good candidate for direct fulfillment and pricing

4.Recommend items you should sell direct to Amazon

Step 2 - Commercialize

1.Establish storefront and TPF listings, create content

2.Create content and listings for direct fulfillment items

3.Manage and update content

4.Respond to client concerns about product quality

5.Launch onto other sites as traction is gained (Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Grainger, etc)

Step 3 - Execute

1.Recommend inventory movements for TPF listed items

2.Recommend advertising spending

3.Provide weekly and monthly reports on SKU performance

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